My Derby Diary was started as a university project and originally was a skater (and official) goal tracking application, that then morphed into a league management application before finally becoming what it is today; a way to find roller derby activities. Derby is everywhere, but only if you know where to look. And even then, you might not know the magic search term on Facebook to find a league where you will be travelling to -- or worse still, you are a new fan and don't even know where on Facebook to find the league pages to find events.

My Derby Diary's sole aim is to make it easy for people to find and plan roller derby adventures.

Because planning a Roller Derby Adventure should be easy!


Gireffe (Adam Goucher) is an independent skating official based in Southern Ontario, Canada. He has been officiating since the fall of 2014 ... and has lost track of how many games he has done because of a hard drive crash. But it's close to 175 at this point.