Thinking about League Captains

Posted on 02nd Feb 2020 by Gireffe

Happy Superb Owl Sunday! Or as it is known around here 'Gireffe juggles kids to hockey rinks at identical times at opposite ends of the city so Stitches can go to Derby'. I'm pretty happy with where Event creation and discovery is now -- which is good as that's kinda the main point of My Derby Diary, so its onto the experience of Leagues.

My Derby Diary will always have the ability for *anyone* to create an event. That is core to its mission. But I also want Leagues to feel a sense of ownership for events that affect them. That means a method of 'claiming' a League needs to be written. Here is my plan for how the process will work;

- Someone (or multiple someones) from the league creates an account on My Derby Diary

- The league then tells me either through Facebook Messenger (they message the My Derby Diary Page from a personal account, then I message the League page from my personal account and the League gives me the email address(es)) or email me from their League's domain. Its kinda a pain, but also ensures that people cannot claim rival leagues or a league they have a beef with.

- Those users are made 'Captain' or 'Co-Captain' (because derby terminology) of the League Page

- The League page will will have some sort of badge that it has been claimed

What this gives them is the extra ability to edit information on their League (name change, domain change, etc.), edit or delete any Location associated with the League as well as edit or delete any Event associated with the League.

Even Locations and Events created by other users.

If a League [Co-]Captain modifies an Event that was not created by them, the user will get an email notification that it happened -- by a '[Co-]Captain', not stating a specific person. Likewise, if someone creates and Event or Location on a claimed League, the [Co-]Captain[s] will get an email notifying of the change. Of course, this means I need to put a setting on User Profiles to receive transactional emails. And handle if people do not want to receive them which means having some sort Log on all these things. Nothing is ever simple...

Because making User profiles 'Public' ('Private' will always be the default) is not something I've penciled in until later in the year, at no point will the name or email of people be shown. Well, unless it's me doing something, but that should be rare. (I hope.)

I've been thinking this through for a couple months, and I think it's pretty air tight, but what do you think? Let me know of Facebook.